When the best of both worlds collide you get a Dynamic Duo. Dr. Phil Wilhelm with his extensive real-world experience building top selling and recruiting teams and earning huge income and success. Stacy San Juan with her marketing and product development experience and extensive work on the corporate side of direct sales for nearly a decade. Together, they make a perfect team ready to help you create the successful direct sales business you have always wanted.

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To provide best training, dynamic coaching, inspiring content, and ideal support for anyone building a direct sales or MLM business. 

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   Dr. Phil Wilhelm  Direct Sales/MLM Top Achiever PhD in Education

Dr. Phil Wilhelm
Direct Sales/MLM Top Achiever
PhD in Education

Dr. Phil has been involved in the Direct Sales/Multi-Level Marketing scene for nearly 20 years and has always considered himself to be an entrepreneur. He remember excelling at going door-to-door in boy scouts to sell more pizzas than anyone. He loved the thrill of the sale and so when he was first introduced to the Direct Sales model he was hooked.  He has been involved with three different companies and has been an award winning consultant in both sales and recruiting with all three.  He's earned numerous incentive trips that have taken him around the world.  Dr. Phil has a PhD in Education, with a specialization in curriculum & instruction and had spent 10 years teaching at the university level, before 'retiring' early to pursue his business interests more full-time.  Because he has fused both professional worlds, he loves training and public speaking.  When not working his businesses you can find him teaching Pilates and playing music at church.  He lives in Belleville, IL, with his partner and fur baby, a pug.   

I have known Phil since 2003.  He has proven himself as a leader in the direct sales industry.  His personality and business skills are a recipe for success.  I admire his work ethic, as well as his insights into people, product development and processes.  He’s a pleasure to work with and is an asset to any business venture.

— Karen Morris, Presidential Director, Close To My Heart

During the 15 years I have known Phil, has been my friend, teacher, mentor, and business partner. In my 35 years in business, I am not sure that I have come across a more energetic, focused, and consistent individual. He has a tremendous amount of experience teaching and leading individuals as well as teams, in this fast-paced, continually evolving direct sale industry. He is definitely someone to know and learn from.
— Kelly Ellerbrake, Gold Leader doTERRA
  Stacy San Juan  Former Director of Marketing/New Product Development of multiple international Direct Sales Companies

Stacy San Juan
Former Director of Marketing/New Product Development of multiple international Direct Sales Companies

Stacy San Juan is a marketing maven who realized that love as a child with a deep adoration of television commercials. That unusual love lead her to obtain a degree in Marketing and Communication. She has worked in the Direct Sales industry at the corporate level for multiple international companies for nearly a decade. She specialized in marketing, training, and new product development. Because of her roles inside the corporate home offices, she learned quickly that up-to-date training tends to be lacking for Direct Sales representatives and it has become a passion for her to find a way to provide exceptional training--hence the birth of Decoding Direct Sales. Because she has interacted with tens of thousands of Direct Sales representatives in her corporate roles, she has seen what works for a representative and the best ways to get the most from your experience. Not only does she have a passion for marketing, training, and new products, she also loves her sweet little family and her home in American Fork, Utah. 

Stacy’s passion for and knowledge of powerful and creative marketing strategies is inspiring and unmatched. I’ve worked with her for about 10 years (combined from our time at Close To My Heart and at Younique Products), and I’m continually impressed by her valuable ideas and solutions, her drive for excellence, and her positive outlook and attitude. She is an energetic team player, a trustworthy leader, and she is a ray of sunshine to boot!
— Lindsay Bennett, Younique Corporate Office

[Stacy’s] on-stage presentations are always highly rated by event attendees who find her warm personality relate-able, yet her knowledge and expertise informative and helpful. I often saw her working with event attendees one-on-one to help them improve their business and implement the things they were learning.
— Tia Fowles, Meeting and Event Planner/ Blog Author, Eventstocelebrate.net

With her unerring sense for telling the marketing story that will best reach her target audience, Stacy leads successful marketing initiatives time after time. I have benefited enormously from her mentoring and can honestly say that she is the best manager I have ever worked with.
— Nicole Larkin, Director of Content Development, EKR

Stacy is a marketing genius with over a decade of experience. Her passion for marketing is obvious and her boundless creativity can be found throughout all of her work. Stacy’s impeccable marketing skills have made a huge impact for [Our Company’s] brand.
— Jay Paul Gordet, Senior Director of Operations, Younique