Seven Easy Steps for Creating a Social Media Calendar Each Month

Has this ever happened to you? You find yourself sitting down to your computer knowing that you need to post something on your Facebook business page or your customer group or maybe something for Instagram and you draw a complete blank? Coming up with something to post each and every day, and sometimes more than once a day, can be difficult. But you can make this easy on yourself by creating an editorial calendar. This takes just a few hours each month and you are good to go. Read on to learn how to do this. 

An editorial calendar is essential a plan of attack on what to post and when. This calendar can be planned out a month or more in advance. It can be of a month or many months. You plan on each day what you are going to post, where you are going to post, and how often.

First thing you will need to do is grab a blank calendar for the month you would like to plan and then follow these simple steps to plan your editorial calendar. Repeat these steps for future months as well. Fill in your calendar and then schedule your post in your social media scheduling software.

Step 1: Take a look at the month. Are there any holidays or special occasions that your customers will like to know about? Are there any holidays or events that relate to the products you sell?  For example, During May you may want to highlight Mother’s Day and remind your customers to purchase a gift for their mom. Jot down a post idea for the holiday or event giving your customer time to order and have the product arrive.

Step 2: What is the special promotion the company is offering this month? Is it a sales promotion or a recruiting or sponsoring promotion? Maybe it is something for hostesses? Generally, a corporate office will announce to representatives in advance what the promotion is so that you can prepare for the special. Select a day each week to highlight the special promotion.

Step 3: Are there any days in the month that you should not post? Cross those days out. If you celebrate a special religious holiday and it would not be appropriate to post something about business on that day then be sure to cross that day out as a day not to post.

Step 4: Product promotion days. Pick a different product to highlight each week. Depending on what types of products you sell and how much there is to say about each product will determine if you talk about the product all month long or just for a week. Schedule a day or two each week to highlight the product. Space a few days in between the product highlights. Provide benefits and features or the product, possibly a customer testimonial or a personal experience with the product. Show the product in use or give a tip and technique for usage. And as always, provide a link at the bottom of the post to your website where a customer can purchase. Make it easy for them to order.

Step 5: Host/Hostess Opportunity. Pick two or three days out of the month to highlight being a host or hostess of a party. The parties can be online or in a home. Promote the benefits to being a host or hostess and share the free or discounted promotion or products that are available through the corporate office for those who host.

Step 6: Recruiting or Sponsoring Opportunity. Pick two or three days out of the month to highlight why someone would want to join your team. Share the reason you started your own business. Share a testimonial from someone who joined your team. Talk about the benefits of being with the company including incentive trips or events you attend. Provide a way for them to sign up or to contact you directly if that is what you prefer. Make it easy for them to join.

Step 7: Now take a look at what day are remaining. This is where you then post fun quizzes, polls, or questions. These can be about the products you sell like “what is your favorite product?” or it can be more engagement-type content that doesn’t necessarily relate to your business. There are lots of ways to engage people with posts that have nothing to do with your business. Again, these are important to your business to get people reacting, commenting, and engaging with your posts so that they see everything you post.

This should have your entire month filled up! Once your month is filled up, take a few minutes to write any wording or find pictures that will accompany your posts. Once this is all done, you have your month completed. When one month is done, you can begin on the next month as well. I would recommend you only do up to 3 months at a time. Corporate offices may not provide the promotions much more in advance that that plus things change often enough on social media that some new engagement post ideas may become popular that you will want to try. And you will want to see how your posts do before scheduling more.  Then SCHEDULE AWAY in your Social Media Scheduling software if you have it. If you aren't sure what that is, click here to learn about how to get started with a free social media scheduling software. 

And remember, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. So plan out your editorial calendar today so  you never have to find yourself sitting down to your computer without a thing to post! 

Author: Stacy San Juan is a marketing maven who has worked in the direct sales industry at the corporate level for multiple international companies for nearly a decade. She specializes in marketing, training, and new product development. Because of her roles inside the corporate offices she gets why direct sales companies do what they do. And because she has interacted with thousands of direct sales representatives in her roles, she has seen what works for a representative and how they can get the most from their business experience. Not only does she have a passion for marketing, training, and new products, she also loves her family (her husband and two daughters) and her home in American Fork, Utah. And of course, Netflix, online shopping, and Diet Coke.