Five Must-Have Apps for Your Direct Sales Business

Every person who runs their own Direct Sales or MLM company knows there is so much to remember about the business; like understanding the company’s policies and procedures, learning the compensation plan, remembering when promotions are starting and ending, knowing how to place orders, remembering to keep track of sales and taxes, sending thank you notes for customer orders…the list can go on and on.

I am always looking for apps or websites that make the business of direct sales easier. Here are 5 apps or websites that will make everything just a little easier. Take a gander at them below:


FB Scheduling
Don’t pay for any scheduling software ever again for your Facebook group posts. Facebook has now built in the ability to schedule your posts up to two months out. Simply click on the Clock icon next to the “post” button in your groups. You probably don’t want to schedule it any farther out than that because you might forget what content you have created.

 To schedule a post for a later date, click on the Clock next to the blue Post button for your Facebook Group Posts. 

To schedule a post for a later date, click on the Clock next to the blue Post button for your Facebook Group Posts. 


Facebook Live

If you haven’t caught the vision of doing a Facebook (FB) Live for your business, you need to catch the vision…asap!

According to mediakix, “Facebook Live videos are watched 3X longer than regular videos. Not surprisingly, live streaming videos on Facebook are viewed at much higher durations (3X) than non-live content (Facebook).” 

THREE TIMES!! Why is this important? If you feel like people aren’t engaging or responding to your posts (non live posts, words, or random pictures) in your Customer or VIP group, try throwing in a LIVE FB video. People are watching videos. You know this is true, how often have you watched a video to completion and then thought, why did I just watch that? Be sure that what you have to say or what you are doing is going to not elicit that reaction from a customer. A little nervous about doing your first Facebook Live? Take a look at this free training to learn the ins and outs.



This one is a game changer. BeLive  is the newest app to help you with your Facebook Lives. This tool allows you to split screen with another person when hosting a live streaming video…no matter where in the world they are located. Think about this for your business. If you host Facebook Parties you can have your hostess go live WITH you and give testimonials and help host the party. GAME CHANGER! Amiright?!? How about interviewing someone in your customer group? Or during a Team Meeting that you are live streaming you can have another rep from your team share their story or idea. You can also share photos and comments in a cool way.

 Split screen and cool comment option with 

Split screen and cool comment option with 



Expensify is the pre-accounting app that you didn’t know you needed. What is pre-accounting? It is the process of gathering everything you need before taking it to your accountant. And I bet you are nodding your head right now in familiarity or solidarity because you have found yourself doing pre-accounting at the last minute and pulling your hair out in the process.

So what does Expensify do for your business? Well, one click pictures of your business receipts and then it files away the info for you in the right spot. It can track both credit card and bank transactions directly with this app. It not only tracks expenses, but miles traveled and time worked on a project. And really cool thing…it has partnered with Lyft recently. So, anytime you are at an expo, convention, team meeting, or traveling anywhere for business and you use Lyft, your ride receipt will automatically populate in Expensify for easy expensing—no clicks or taps necessary—totally automatic!

Best part yet? There is a free version that is robust enough for most Direct Seller’s or MLM’s businesses. But you can also upgrade for a nominal monthly fee of $5-$9 bucks! Awesome!

Canva is one of the best websites for creating beautiful web images, blog posts, eNewsletters, printed pieces, and more. It is easy to navigate, has tons of free images to use, or you can purchase more options if you like. But the free options are great. It sizes everything for you, so if you want an image for FB you just choose the FB image option and it is perfectly sized. Plus it has inspirational quotes, helpful suggestions laced throughout your experience.

 Sample of a design. 

Sample of a design.
I know this is an odd one, but when it comes to mailing out products to customers, team gifts, and samples; getting boxes, packing tape, gathering addresses, and driving to the post office, can be almost too much.

Check out Here you can set up a FREE online account. You will need to invest about 15 minutes upfront to enter in all of your information, but then you can create mailing labels, pay for them, and print them out right at your home office. Go to Amazon and order printing labels to print them right own. Perfect sticky labels everytime!

When you select the flat rate shipping option, you won’t need to worry about how much your boxes way. And speaking of boxes, you can order supplies from Priority Mail for FREE. And the best part? THEY ARE SENT RIGHT TO YOUR DOOR!! The priority mail envelopes have that sticky tab so you don’t even need tape.

Set it up once, do it over and over again. Your customers will happily get their orders in a timely manner, your team members will get fun surprises from you in the mail, and you will not ever have to go to the post office ever again (maybe not on that last one but I can dream, right?)

What apps or websites do you use for your business that you just can’t do without? Tell me in the comments below!

Author: Stacy San Juan is a marketing maven who has worked in the direct sales industry at the corporate level for multiple international companies for nearly a decade. She specializes in marketing, training, and new product development. Because of her roles inside the corporate offices, she gets why direct sales companies do what they do. And because she has interacted with thousands of direct sales representatives in her roles, she has seen what works for a representative and how they can get the most from their business experience. Not only does she have a passion for marketing, training, and new products, she also loves her family (her husband and two daughters) and her home in American Fork, Utah and of course, Netflix, online shopping, and Diet Coke.